Criminal Law -  I have extensive experience defending the rights of people arrested and accused of criminal offenses.  We handle all types of criminal cases including minor infractions and misdemeanors and the most serious felony indictments, such as, drunk driving, drug possession, narcotics sales, theft and grand larceny, white collar fraud, embezzlement, sex offenses, arson, and conspiracy.

DUI and other traffic violations -  Traffic cases involving out-of-state clients, can often be handled without client having to show up for court.

Election Campaign & Political Law - Our firm handles a full range of issues arising under Election Campaign & Political Law including those arising under laws that govern political officials and political processes such as requirements for ballot access, ballot formats, and the basic checks and balances system that determines the power of each of the three branches of government at both the federal, state, and local levels.

Family Law - Our firm handles a full range of Family Law matters including adoption, divorce, separation premarital agreements, paternity, custody and support, estate planning and guardianship, probate.

Legal Malpractice - Our lawyers are experienced in legal malpractice law and can help clients determine whether or not malpractice has occurred where someone or something is injured as a result of negligence or misconduct.